About Good Hope Baptist Church

Message from our Pastor, Wayne Locklar
Welcome to the website for Good Hope Baptist Church. We are located overlooking the Conecuh River Valley. It is hard to imagine finding a more beautiful location in Pike County, as Good Hope sits above the lowlands of the Conecuh River, overlooking the woodlands and fields below as the river meanders its way southward,. We hope as you browse that you find the information which you are seeking. As you have probably noted, our theme and purpose as the family of Good Hope is, “It is all about God.” We are striving to be His church, led by His Spirit, spreading the wonderful message of His Gospel to as many individuals as we can. We understand that there is no greater gift than His salvation granted to the world by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

        This website is dedicated to His glory, and as you browse, we hope that you feel a warm welcome from God’s people at Good Hope. Our ministries are wide-ranging, as you will find, and there is a place of service for our Lord for anyone who serves Him through His church here. We sincerely hope that you feel, “Good Hope is the church for you.” The doors of our church are always open, and you will be welcomed with the love of our Lord as you come to worship and serve Him from one of the most beautiful locations in Pike County.


       As pastor, I welcome you even as you read. I certainly want to extend my heartfelt invitation to you to come and worship the Lord with us. You will find us to be loving, warm, and accepting people who are seeking to be salt and light to His glory. You will not find us to be perfect, but you will find us to be the Lord’s servants. You will experience the opportunity to worship our Lord through the preaching of His Word, the singing of praises to Him, both traditional and contemporary, the study of His Word through varied ministries, and service to Him as we apply His Word. So, the only thing left to say is, “Welcome. Come and worship with us.”

Wayne Locklar